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My name is Siedah, and I am the founder of Her Love Collections, Her Love Co. Vendor Store and Self Care Collection.

I am a passionate author, speaker, and mental health advocate, dedicated to helping people develop the skills and tools necessary to live fulfilling lives. Sharing my personal story and spiritual awakening with those who want to cut out the fluff and dive deep.

I'm committed to empowering individuals to overcome their mental health challenges and lead lives of purpose and meaning.


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Her Love Collections is designed to help & inspire you to heal, love, and create.

While providing you with tools and resources to support your journey.

"When we look within and dive deep to understand ourselves is when we can truly understand everything outside of ourselves. "

Vendor Metaphysical & art retail store collaborating with 30+ local artists and small businesses in the Troy, New York area

Handmade flower soy candles with herbs and crystals

Crystal Candles For Healing

Our values shape every action we take and decision we make.

Sold In Store Only

195 River Street Troy NY 12180

self Care Digital Collection

Our focus is on empowering individuals to take charge of their own self-care journey. We believe that self-care is a personal and individualized practice, and we provide the tools and resources to help individuals create a self-care routine that works for them.

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Self love is the best quality you can have


self care

tools to help you in your

everyday life

Her Love Collections


Our location

195 River Street

Troy, NY

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